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KASA Basketball and Iceless Hockey Registration Now Open!

KASA Basketball and Iceless Hockey Registr

KASA Fundraising Opportunity

KASA Fundraising Opportunity

I like this fundraiser for a number of reasons...first its chocolate! Also most candy bars you buy these days are a dollar so the customer is getting their moneys worth there but also on the wrapper o

Register In-Person for KASA Sports

Register In-Person for KASA Sports

Got Questions about KASA sports you now can call Monday thru Friday 7am to 6pm @ 262-2205682

You can also apply in person at Imagine Kenosha Monday thru Friday 7am to 6pm
Address:19806 - 83rd Str

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Upcoming Events

Posted On Sep 15

TBall Postponed

Tball canceled tonight due to weather. Read More

Posted On Jul 03

Softball and TBall Canceled - July 2th

Lower League Softball and Tball games  for tonight July 2nd will be canceled due to weather We will hopefully finish up t ball tomorrow. Softball tr... Read More

Posted On Aug 21

Flag Football Canceled

To all, Due to the inclement weather practice/games will be canceled for tonight. Next Thursday will be our last game for the season. See you all next week.  Read More

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